Resolve to work on your posture

Practicing good posture will improve your:

  • HEALTH: By engaging your core muscles, allowing your diaphragm to open up increasing the amount of oxygen your lungs can remove from each breath you take. You will breathe better and give your organs the room they need to aid in digestion boosting your overall immune system decreasing the chances of developing pneumonia when you get sick. 
  • BALANCE: By centering your body, gravity has less room to push you down, allowing you to stay on your feet without the support of walls or chairs and decrease your chance of falling. The saying goes, wherever your hips are, there you are. If your hips move to the side, gravity will take over causing you to require external support or you will fall to the ground. 
  • WELL BEING: By increasing your energy, productivity, and reducing your stress, you communicate that you are confident, present, and open to anyone you are interacting with.
  • APPEARANCE: By holding yourself upright and in good posture, you will look younger, more vibrant, and attractive. Your ability to communicate with confidence will skyrocket.

COMMIT to working on your posture by first choosing to be conscious of it. Visualize yourself being 10 inches taller so the back of your neck is lengthening upward towards the sky, keeping your shoulders relaxed. Draw your belly gently up and in to engage your core abdominal muscles which are key to keeping your body in good alignment. Keep that image of being 10 inches taller in your mind as you sit, stand, and move as often as possible throughout the day.

IMPROVING your posture will lead to decreased pain and muscle imbalances and improve your balance and ability to move and walk. The more you practice the more you will be able to have good posture automatically without thinking about it in the future!! It will become a natural state for you if you choose to work on it now!!!